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  • Mason jars are
  • Best for storing smoothies, soup, ice cream, Juice the list is endless in the refrigerator or pantry particularly since they're airtight and watertight.
  • Best to use when traveling, you can put your yoghurt, smoothie and not mind about it pouring.
  • Sprouting seeds or grains
  • Best for soaking nuts and seeds
  • They're clear; you can easily see what's inside.
  • Perfect to use as gifts & once can also use them as decorations in the house.
  • One Piece of Mason glass Jar in a random color as per Stocks

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Mason jars are arguably one of the best investments you could make, so I implore you all to discover the many benefits they can have in your daily life. They are best for taking Juice, smoothies, ice-cream soup, etc from them.They are the best when it comes to health benefits because they don’t emit any harmful toxins into the food you are taking which can limit the food’s longevity and in extreme cases can case diseases. They are environmental friendly and are of good quality with sustainable lifestyle.
NB : One Piece of Mason glass Jar in a random color as per Stocks

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